No Forced Registration Here

We’re not going to make you register to look at homes.  Look at as many as you want. You are our guest here.

But, if you do see something that you want, please register for an in-person private showing.

There are some situations where we will need to know who you are:

  • Scheduling a showing.  We will need to know who you are and how to contact you to confirm and verify the showing details.
  • You have requested more information. Seems obvious. 
  • Scheduling a meeting, even if it’s over Zoom.
  • You’ve arrived here from a paid ad and have specifically requested access
  • You’ve decided that you want our team to represent you as your agent, either in the purchase of your next home, the sale of your current home, or both.  We’ll need to have quite a few conversations. 

No inane cookie-cutter drip campaigns either.  You want to see home listings? I’ll send you home listings, but I won’t send you recipes or decorating tips or any junk emails.

The only times that we will have an over abundance of communication going on is when we have an active contract in place, either for buying or for selling.  In this case we both need to always be on the same page, and that takes communication…2 way communication…lots of it.

If you’re anything like me you probably dread the thought of working with the typical real estate agent.   However, if you want one of those I can supply you with lots of names.