Jerry Downer, Realtor at West and Main Homes

I love what I do because I change people's lives.


I am proud to be part of Denver's Home Team at West and Main Homes. Our team consists of about 200 highly successful expert local Realtors, and they're all nice people.

We have a support staff that includes a client care team, a marketing team, a design team, a staging team, a photography team, an appraiser, a technology team, as well as several other staff people.  And, they're all nice people.

Here is why I mention this: in almost every other real estate company, the individual agent has to perform each of the functions that I listed. That takes time and effort away from serving you.

We have a support staff so we, as Realtors, can focus on you, the client, the most valuable person on the team.

My Real Estate Philosophy

These are my guiding principles when working with all of my clients:

  • I will use my education and experience to protect you from harm and mistakes.
  • I will provide you with great market knowledge.
  • I will position you to make good decisions.
  • I will never push you, but I will always guide you.
  • I will deliver a referral-generating performance.

I am your advocate, so how do I provide value to you as your advocate?

  • You will be provided with all available property information.
  • I will help you interpret the property information.
  • I will point out and explain any property negatives or issues that I observe.
  • I will help you to objectively compare different properties.
  • I will skillfully prepare offers, and I will provide expert negotiation assistance at each point of negotiation.
  • I will always protect your interests.
  • I will help you to understand your options and interpret situations.
  • I will manage the entire process, and keep you informed regularly.

About Jerry

Jerry Downer has been a widely respected member of the Denver and Colorado (and Arizona) real estate industry since 2006. After more than 200 successful sales, his track record remains spotless, a record he attributes to always placing his client’s interests ahead of his own, providing attentive one-on-one service and knowing the contracts and procedures expertly. Jerry’s real estate career includes considerable experience in brokerage and as an investor in residential properties throughout Colorado and Arizona.

Prior to his full-time entry into residential real estate Jerry was a software developer at United Airlines, Director of Technology at Best Western International Hotels, and Consultant and Project Manager at IBM in support of the airline industry.

Jerry attended the University of Illinois, Institute of Aviation in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois where he received his flight training.

He has three adult children and two grandchildren. They are the pride and center of his life, although spread across Colorado, West Texas, and Arizona.

Jerry lives in Centennial, Colorado and is a member at Red Rocks Church in Lone Tree, Colorado where he has served in the video technology department and on the Hospitality Team. He enjoys the Colorado lifestyle of skiing, hiking, biking, kayaking, and exploring, and wishes there was more time to enjoy it all.

...more about Jerry

Two specific skills from Jerry’s past have shaped his approach to successful and smooth real estate transactions.

1. His training as a pilot. All pilots depend on checklists to insure the safety of the pilot, his passengers, his aircraft, and those on the ground

2. His years of experience in computer systems project management. The typical real estate transaction has well over 100 unique activities that must be accomplished in a specific sequence. These activities include specific points of negotiation which can add additional steps to the overall process. Most of these activities have to do with compliance with various federal, state, and municipal laws, rules, and regulations.

By utilizing a project management approach with checklists for all the activities, and an incredible dedication to detail, he is able to guide the transaction through the various activities to a safe landing.

Why real estate?

 I left the corporate technology world and became licensed as a real estate agent in 2006 and almost immediately found that my project management and problem solving skills easily transferred into real estate, except that real estate projects were so much more gratifying.

When a computer systems glitch is fixed, only a handful of people are impressed, and usually they are just other geeks.  After all, everyone expects computers to run all the time.

But when I have participated in guiding a real estate transaction to completion, I have positively impacted the lives of at least 2 people and usually more.  I can see the happiness, thankfulness, and relief on the faces of people who now have a new home, or who are now able to move on to their next home.  Quite often, these people have become friends of mine for life.

This is why I love to do what I do.